Weighbridge Information Management System
This system consists of two (2) sub-systems, which are Weighbridge Information Management System (located at each mill) and Sales & Invoicing Management System (located at the Headquarter).

There have two (2) main modules in this system:

  • Administration Module
  • Operation Module
Modules below are included in WIMS:

  • Contract Management System Module(CMS)
  • Vehicle Management System Module (VMS)
  • System Manager Module(SMGR)
  • Ticket Formulation System Module(TFS)
  • Sales Ticket Generation System Module(STGS)
  • General Weighing System Module(GWS)
  • Production & Quality Management System(PQMS)
  • Client Synchronization Module(CSM)
  • Client Reporting Module(CRM)

  • Real time information flow.
  • Manual processes such as reporting generation and consolidation can be speeded up as the new system will provide most of the reports that Mill needed.
  • The new system could reduce redundancy of data.
  • This system is an online system, so information and data among Mills and HQ can be synchronized. Besides, it is also a web application which provides the users to access it at anywhere.
  • Manual synchronization (backup synchronization process) also is supported if there is a case where network connection is not available yet or is out of service, the Mills could still export the data into a file and send the file through email or portable media to staffs at HQ for updating purposes.
  • The new system employs a centralized database server, which eases data storage and management.