Wood Species Management System
Wood Species Management System is a system capable of recognizing wood species from the images of the wood specimen. The fast and easy-to-use Wood Species Management System eliminates the need for complex laboratory test for species identification. The specimen images are matched with available sample records in the wood species database, producing the species identification results in just minutes.

The Wood Species Management System database is able to keep comprehensive information of the wood species. Running on a centralized server, Wood Species Management System permits real-time information retrieval from any client machines connected to the server. Furthermore, the powerful back-end server also spares the client machines from the heavy workload of image searching and retrieval. Records searching and querying is ever efficient compared to digging information from piles or cabinets of paper records.

The core technology of Wood Species Management System is the proprietary Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) search engine developed through comprehensive research. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to recognize patterns in an image. The Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) technology analyses the actual content of the image by the means of :

Colors: The proportion of pixels within an image holding specific values (colors) is segmented by region and by spatial relationship among several color regions. Examining images based on the colors are not restricted by the image size or orientation.

Shapes: Shape refers to the shape of a particular region that is being sought out. Shapes are determined by applying segmentation or edge detection to an image.

Textures: Texture measures look for visual patterns in images and how they are spatially defined.

The two main stages of Content Based Image Retrieval(CBIR) are Feature Extraction and Matching. Once the system extracts the image feature to a distinguishable extent, it is able to match these features to yield a result that is visually similar.


Batch Processing
  • One-go import and processing of large image sequences
Microscopic link
  • Direct linkage and processing of specimen images taken from a microscope
Information Management
  • Comprehensive wood species information record management
Dynamic Reporting
  • Generate custom reports based on user query
Access Control
  • Flexibly manage system users’ access rights