Invoicing Management System
The Invoicing Management System will be used at the HQ as a centralized server for collecting daily weighing operation and mill production information. Invoicing Management System consists of the following Modules:

  • Mill Performance Monitoring System Module (MPMS)
  • Invoice Management System Module (IMS)
  • Payment Management System Module (PMS)
  • Buyer Weight Management System Module (BWMS)
  • System Manager Module(SMGR)
  • Server Synchronization Module(SSM)
  • Server Reporting Module (SRM)


  • Real time information flow and reduce redundancy of data.
  • This system is a web-based system, thus information and data among Mills and HQ can be synchronized. Besides, it is also a web application which provides the users to access it at anywhere.
  • The new system employs a centralized database server, which eases data storage and management. Report generation is relatively faster.
  • The Headquarter Marketing and Management staff would be able to monitor and view the Mill performances and production with the real-time synchronised data.