Intelligent Security System: Patrol System
Patrol System is developed to manage the security guards patrol activity or buses punctuality. Patrol System includes Organization Management module, Patrol System Management module, SMS Notification Plug-in and RFID Technology.

The Organization Management manages the personnel profile that relate to Patrol System Management module. Patrol System Management module is used to register and assign Tag, setup the check point’s location, set schedule, and view reports. SMS Notification is a plug-in application. It is used to notify responsible person who is late to check-in at the schedule check point. The RFID Technology is used to transfer the check points’ data to the database via network.

Every check point has a RFID Reader that connects to BF-430 with unique IP address. BF-430 will be connected to the server via network. Personnel which already being assigned with the Tag can check-in at the check point base on their schedule. Each schedule has a status. There are four (4) types of status: Pending, OK, Warning and Alert.