Company Overview

Our Vision

A global world class corporate that provides compatible local business and technology solutions, with continuous innovation and quality, delivered by best-in-class people.

Our Strength

Our persistent strength lies in our prudent and rational approach in doing things, timely anticipation of the market trends and most important the coordination and team approach of our personnel. By providing a comprehensive spectrum of services right from web designing, software development, web hosting, security solutions and etc. along with quality service and multidimensional approach, we work together to provide to the customers exactly “what they wants” and not “what we have”.

Growth with Responsibility

We believe in conducting business ethically, legally and transparently.
We have put in place, robust systems, process and internal controls to ensure compliance to all the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we are present. Our operating standards and marketing programs are tailored to meet the precise local standards of each market.

Our Policy

Efficiency: To be efficient in the way of utilising man-power inputs in the most productive way possible. High employee productivity and capital productivity help us attain competitive advantage.
Innovation: Our aim is to be at the cutting edge of innovation across the globe and satisfy our customer needs. We will constantly innovate and encourage new ideas to bring new solutions, procedure and technology to our customers in order to promote high-return on customer investment.
Quality: Quality which applies equally to products and to services is important in business. We believe it is one of the main ingredients to succeed in today’s’ business scenario. Providing high-quality solutions creates a reputation for Sebayor and can also result in greater efficiency, with high employees’ productivity.
Sensitivity: We understand that our customers are challenged with the complexity and heterogeneity of today's IT environments. Business cannot be done in isolation and as a responsible corporate, we will be sensitive towards the social, cultural and religious beliefs of the people we will deal with.